TALKFUNDING CLIP today with SPARKLEKITS and their STEM EDUCATION based products, live on KICKSTARTER. Sparklekits - STEM building, learning, coding and play!

TALKFUNDING MAIN interview with SPARKLEKITS about their new STEM EDUCATION  products live on KICKSTARTER. Sparklekits is a screen-free, fail-free creative coding kit that's entirely tangible. Magic puzzle-pieces with add-ons like wheels, lights, sounds and sensors allow kids aged 5-12 to explore technology and learn the basics of coding in a creative, natural way.

TALKFUNDING DEEP DIVE today with SPARKLEKITS about their STEM EDUCATION products which are live on KICKSTARTER. SPARKLEKITS create a better solution of STEM education kits that integrated building, learning, coding, and play together to the world and ignite the Brain with a creative minds to young boys and girls.

TALKFUNDING BACKSTORY with SPARKLEKITS and their STEM EDUCATION products live on KICKSTARTER. The "Sparklekits" team is international with team members from both the US, Singapore, China and Hong Kong.

Thank You Sparklekits Team

Alan and the Team